• IT Consulting and Project Management

    IT Consulting and Project Management

    Whether you are growing your business, looking to become more efficient, or taking on a new project, Imagineering has the expertise to provide the right technology for your situation.

  • Backup Management (On Premise / Cloud)

    Backup Management (On Premise / Cloud)

    Where is your data stored? Is it in more than one place? Is it accessible?

    Protect your entire infrastructure whether built upon virtual, physical, or a combined environment. Protect your data and systems against data loss and disasters. Restore what you need, when you need it.

  • Internet Usage Control & Monitoring

    Internet Usage Control & Monitoring

    How much time are your employees wasting at work? Want to know who is using your internet and what they are using it for?

    Control when and where users are allowed on the Internet. Our firewalls manage web access and content for stronger security and control of web surfing.

    WebBlocker blocks malicious sites to keep your network protected from risky web content. It helps conserve network bandwidth, prevent legal liability from inappropriate content, and increase employee productivity while it guards the network against malicious attacks from rogue websites.

  • Remote Access

    Remote Access

    Work from home and on the road, safely and securely.

    Imagineering consultants setup secure remote connections for your employees to use. Whether they are working from a remote office, need to access customer information from the road, or check emails from home, your environment will be accessible but also protected.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

    Disaster Recovery Planning

    If your business encountered a disaster scenario, how quickly could your network be back up and running? More importantly, how long can you afford for it to be down?

    Having a plan in place for when a disaster happens is critical to getting your business back up and running. Imagineering will work with you to create a plan that limits data loss and down time.

  • Active Directory

    Active Directory

    Properly designing your network security database (active directory) provides flexibility to management in configuring user access. Easily create groups and policies that allow users to access only what they need. Active directory also prevents outside computers from being able to access your network and makes managing logon credentials a breeze.

  • Email Configuration

    Email Configuration

    How vital is access to your email, contact, and calendar information?

    Whether hosted ‘in-house’ or in ‘the cloud’, we will keep you in touch with anyone from anywhere. Get caught up on emails, share your calendar, or view a colleague’s availability. Get instant access to all your important emails and contact information.