• Server Consolidation

    Server Consolidation

    Virtualizing your environment provides a traditional server experience without needing to be physically onsite. By eliminating the majority of the physical footprint, your upfront hardware, ongoing maintenance, and overall energy costs are reduced.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Possibly the most important benefit of virtualization is in a disaster recovery scenario. Since a virtual office server is simply an image, or a copy of the original machine, it can be restored quickly. No need to worry about waiting for replacement hardware or reloading of programs and applications.

  • Reduced Down Time

    Reduced Down Time

    Having multiple virtual office servers in place allows you to provide individual servers for each of your critical applications. By setting your network up in this way upgrades or changes on one server will not affect another. For example, your email server can be rebooted and the accounting application will remain accessible on its own virtual machine.

  • Onboard New Servers Quickly

    Onboard New Servers Quickly

    Need a new server? No problem! Quickly create a new server environment from your host machine in minutes! No need to wait for the hardware to be ordered, shipped, and configured.