• Mobile Device Integration

    Mobile Device Integration

    Your phone and tablets easily synched with your network.

    Success in business today is based largely on mobility. Mobility means increased availability of your wireless and mobile solutions. We can help you determine the optimal mobile solution for your company and will make your people and your business more efficient, and effective.

  • Public/Private Wireless Networks

    Public/Private Wireless Networks

    Let your customers enjoy free public wireless access in your waiting areas while providing a secure wireless virtual private network for your employees.

    Choose from a range of indoor and outdoor wireless access points for all your roaming needs. Optimally arrange and configure wireless access points with our interactive, graphical wireless coverage map.

    Easily build policies that serve both wired and wireless networks, even as new users and new wireless access points are added. Cut the time required to eliminate trouble spots and provide fast wireless to all users with real-time feedback from access points.